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English - What is Ipainia?

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1 English - What is Ipainia? on 18/7/2015, 15:41

Alexander I | Alejandro I

Rey de Ipainia | King of Ipainia
Rey de Ipainia | King of Ipainia

The Royal Republic of Ipainia is a micronation founded on July 05, 2013 with the purpose of being a comfortable place in which its citizens can share their innovative ideas contributing with the development of our micronation.

The Royal Republic of Ipainia is a monarchy and a federal democratic republic. It consist of 13 states. Ipainia does not claim any physical territory. However, it considers its citizen's social environment (e.g. their homes) as part of it.

Be part of Ipainia, be part of the same spirit!

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